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Hey Photographers!
This page is for YOU! 

I am so happy that you stopped by! This is where you will find info about Shootouts, Mentorships (in-person & Zoom), Workshops, Retreats, and photography tips and tricks!

for up to date info and first dibs on Shootouts!

Styled Shootouts are an amazing way to connect with other photographers while building your portfolio, and unleashing your creative freedom! I always encourage trying new things, getting uncomfortable, and pushing your boundaries to try something new! 

What’s included?
A session fully planned by myself or collaborative co-lead. photographer.  While photographing the beautifully styled model, couple, or family, and perfectly selected location, you will watch strategic posing, emotive prompting, camera settings, and more!

*editing workshop is not included unless specified in the Shootout details. 


Coffee & Cameras: $299
(meet & greet)
up to 60 minutes at a public location or online for 1:1 mentoring to discuss all things camera or editing. Client to bring topics to discuss.  -includes “Captures & Critiques”: share images with me and I’ll help guide future things to work on (composition, lighting, posing, editing, etc.)  *note: can include live editing or side by side editing session as a topic .

Guided Golden Hour: $399
(on location technical review) 
subject provided by mentee, up to 60 minutes at a mentors chosen location for in-person 1:1 live shooting session (subject to be provided by client), will review camera settings, lighting conditions, location scouting, etc.
Shadow Session: $499 
(shadow and shoot) 
subject provided by mentor, up to 60 minutes at a mentors chosen location with styled client(s) for portfolio building, will shoot alongside mentor to see live posing and prompting, camera settings/techniques, lens choices, lighting conditions, e


Zoom/Google Meet available for Coffee & Cameras or any editing Workshop
Editing Workshops available on Thursday mornings ONLY
Editing Workshops may be added to any package for $200 ($99 savings)

“Don’t shoot what it looks like. Shoot what it feels like.
– David Alan Harvey